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Sunit Mehra
Managing Partner - Hunt Partners, India

Sunit heads Hunts' Banking and Financial Services practice in India, and is one of the founder promoters of the firm. Sunit started his search career with Horton International, a high-end search firm in the US in 1996 and later moved to India to head the Indian operations. He has personally executed over fifty CxO level searches in India and internationally over the last six years.

He was previously the Managing Director of Omni Business Machines Ltd. OBML was a telecommunications products manufacturing and Distribution Company, which he founded in 1989. Sunit received a business degree in marketing management from the Wharton School, and also a degree in engineering from the University of Pennsylvania.

Sunit is a consultant to several Indian business houses on Corporate Governance and Management Assessment. He is the Treasurer of the Wharton Alumni Association of India, and is a committee member of the American Chamber of Commerce. Sunit is also a founder member of the Mumbai chapter of the United Way, a global charitable organization.