ActionAid ropes in DSA's to raise funds

Richard M. Pordes - CFRE

Richard Pordes is a consultant and adviser to UN agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations wishing to explore new opportunities for fundraising.He has spent more than 30 years in a wide variety of public relations, marketing and fundraising posts at the UN and UNICEF.

Highlights of Richard’s UN and UNICEF career included two years as a press officer and speechwriter for the Secretary-General of the United Nations….writing UNICEF grant proposals and donor reports for government aid organizations and national foundations….and advising UNICEF National Committees around the world on various aspects of fundraising.

More recently, Richard helped initiate and expand fundraising activities in several developing countries, working most closely with UNICEF offices in India, Brazil, China, Indonesia, Mexico, the Philippines and Russia.

Richard is a frequent speaker at international conferences on NGO marketing and fundraising.He was born in Shanghai, grew up in Hong Kong and was educated in the UK and USA. He is a citizen of Austria but currently lives near New York.