Letter from Richard B Saldanha, Blackstone Advisors India Pvt Ltd.

Dear Jerry,

Congrats and well done. You are an outstanding individual and must continue to make a diff in all that you undertake. I remember when I first met you to discuss your Karma Mitra partnership with Times of India I was enthused by you energy and passion. Subsequently I have always learnt a lot from you about development and social issues through your joy of giving film and RIGHT every WRONG campaign idea and other initiatives like conclave, where Betty had come in as a speaker. The right every wrong campaign idea is thought provoking and I had briefed my colleagues at Times of India to study so that we could adopt the tenets of your concept for Lead India. We had also based our Lead India commercial on your idea of Children as change ambassadors and the commercial I am told has had overwhelming response.

Keep up the good work. And as discussed when I called you earlier, you can count on my support as I am more available now and can participate more actively. So do let me know how I can help and we shall discuss more when we meet in Mumbai.

Warm regards

Richard B Saldanha, Blackstone Advisors India Pvt Ltd.