Letter fromVenkat Krishnan N.,Director - GiveIndia

Hi, Jerry,

Thanks for writing in.

I definitely remember Nishit and Bosco as well, though I remember you the most and very fondly at that :-)!

From what I recall, the idea of a day dedicated to giving is something that I first discussed with Ingrid and Mathew (we ourselves got the idea from the Comic Relief Red Nose Day in the UK and the Jerry Lewis Labour Day Telethon in the US). Even Australia has a "Giving Week"- see http://www.givingweek.com.au/ for info. My point is that IDEAS like a day/week, words like joy and giving are common terms that we all hear and use in various contexts... I can very honestly say that the idea of the Week did not come from any 1 place.

That being said, my goal is always to find a POSITIVE way to associate with a wonderful person like you. Given what you've shared below, I will definitely make a mention of iCongo and Karma Mitra when people ask me about the "history" of the idea going forward... and will try to find a way to acknowledge wherever possible :-)! All good things happen as a result of many minds coming together and I have no issues at all in admitting that I've learnt a lot from my interactions with you, Jerry :-)!

Take care... once again, do let me know if you think there's any event that iCongo would like to do during the Week and we'll be more than happy to support in whatever way we can (largely by helping with visibility, connections, etc.). It wd be a pleasure to have you guys host an event as part of the Week!

Warm regards

Venkat Krishnan N., Director- GiveIndia