The London Season Delegation

The London Season is an elitist club of Aristocrats from UK. This delegation intend to bring to India every year and seek to enhance relations between the aristocracy and captains of Industry in UK and the elite and pivotal people of India.

They have done similar trips to Montenegro, Vatican City and Morocco and were hosted there by the Prince of Montenegro, the Pope and other royalty. The delegation that visited these places have invested moneys in industry and also donated to charitable causes focused on child rights.

The delegation coming to India would comprise of the who’s who of UK

Outlined below an indicative list of people in the previous delegations.

  • The Lord Newall (Chairman – The British Moroccan Society)
  • Sir. Tobias Clarke (Chairman- The English Assn. of Baronets)
  • Mr. Saadi Al Rais (President Dubai Shipping association –Shipping magnate).
  • Mr. William Shutterworth (Laird of Hatersage)
  • Frances Burber (Chairman of Natwest Bank
  • Viscount and Viscountess Bearstead (Samuels Bank)
  • Princess Olga Romanov
  • General St. Clair Rousse
  • The hon. Priscilla Ellingworth (Romanov Family)
  • Mr. Andrew Konekie (Banker)
  • Mr. Mark Child (Hotel Group owner)
  • The hon. Sarah Duguid
  • Baroness Strauss
  • Sir Edward and Lady Hulse
  • McCombie Williams
  • Mr. Jimmy Lahoud (Hotel and Restaurant Owner)
  • Mr. Dennis Verisan (Chairman of a Petrochemicals company)

The delegation to India would be convened by Mr. Bill Bachle a leading market strategist and advisor to world leaders like Kofi Annan, Tony Blair and others. He is also the Chairman of Burke’s Peerage. (Kindly do a google on Burke’s Peerage and the London Season)

Bill Bachle,
The Luxury Marketing Council UK

Bill Bachle began his career in New York writing copy for major global accounts such as Mastercard, American Express and Time-Life, as well as creating the advertising for the Robert Kennedy Presidential Campaign. From a London base he has built up a series of companies which provide marketing consultancy, design and partnership marketing for European,

North American and global companies. These include IBM, Shell and LG on the one hand and Ben & Jerry's, DreamWorks SKG and The Body Shop on the other. He is Chairman of The Luxury Marketing Council Europe, overseeing activities in London, Paris and Milan. He has been and continues to be an advisor to several not-for-profit organizations including Kofi Annan of the United Nations, Mikhail Gorbachev and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital.
Lady . Jennie Hallam Peel and Lady. Patricia Woodall were in Mumbai and we together are putting together dinners and tea parties with pivotal people at Mumbai, Delhi and the Maharaja of Udaipur.
The London Debutante Season raises considerable funds for children's charities both in England and abroad.
TLDS have recently raised substantial sums for orphans and disabled children in Montenegro, Italy and Morrocco and we wish to raise similar funds for children in India.
TLDS usually travel with a group of approximately thirty - members of the British aristocracy and American Express Black card holders.
In each of the countries for which TLDS have raised funds we have been supported by royalty and presidents, prime ministers and pivotal government dignitaries who have arranged interesting events for our guests.