Executive Board

The people listed below are professionals with high integrity, working in various sectors, who proactively volunteer with us beyond their daily jobs and careers. They help us to consistently promote the various ventures within the iCONGO mission. The Executive board of iCONGO comprises of Educationists, Lawyers, Chartered Accountants, Software Techies, Bankers, Development Workers, Activists, Media Reporters, Social Entrepreneurs and Senior Corporate Executives who at a young age while in their early 20s and 30s chose to work for the greater public good. Some of them also let go high paying corporate careers and coveted UN positions to lead citizen action for social justice.

Given here are news features (indicative and not exhaustive) in leading newspapers and magazines about some of the people in our Executive Board who lead CITIZEN ACTION for SOCIAL JUSTICE through iCONGO.

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Executive Founding Director


Honorary Founding Directors

Honorary Directors

Each Director heads a venture, campaign or initiative

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