The founders of iCONGO along with various specialists in their respective fields like finance, fundraising, marketing, social communications, participatory research, legalese, rural marketing, general management, ethical media, social marketing...etc. have been training development leaders/ workers/ board members and professionals interested in working for development. The workshops include efficient management, ethical good governance and best practices of professionalism, transparency and accountability in the development sector. The GURUKUL provides specialist mentoring in development for NGOs, Corporate Foundations and people who want to join the development sector or work for a cause. People who have been mentored and trained by the GURUKUL and its promoters today hold top positions as Directors and senior managers in International and National NGOs, Corporate Foundations, Media companies and Bilateral agencies.

These are divided into 2 categories

  • Planning, Selling and Managing Fundraising events
  • Fundraising and Communications Training Workshop