iCONGO Alumni & Erstwhile Volunteers

The people listed below have worked with us and given us some time to help us with work involved within the mission. Their time and help is invaluable as every person is a huge resource for us as the mission is mostly driven by volunteers and all help with different skill sets is always welcome. So if you can make some time to write or work with us, from your computer or from our office, kindly do write to us.

Our Volunteers

  • Abhishree Kaul
  • Akanksha Singh
  • Arpitta Jerath
  • Deepti Bagga
  • Divya Sharma
  • Megha Bhatia
  • Neha Saluja
  • Purnima Pandey
  • Roli Gupta
  • Sarika Tripathy
  • Smita Kanongo
  • Vaibhav Paliwal
  • Varun Kohli
  • Vinita Singh
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