Fundraising,Campaigning & Outreach

The Fundraising Campaigning & outreach vision of iCONGO is broadly divided in 3 main pillars.

iCONGO Direct Dialogue Fundraising (IDDF)
iCONGO Retail 4 change (IR4C)
iCONGO Media 4 change (IM4C)

iCONGO Direct Dialogue Fundraising (IDDF)

This pillar involves a street face2face fundraising model where we raise fast moving donor funds (FMDF) by getting people to make a small give extempore. The idea is to convert the unconverted and get people to get basically involved by giving a little. We thus give them a donor coupon in exchange for a donation of Rs. 100. This donor coupon is numbered and also includes prizes in the form of cars, bikes, and DVD players and computers etc. thus also entitling donors to a raffle prize. (We did a pilot at Chennai and raised over 6 million in 2 month's time with a social investor database of over 60,000 people.). All donors also get assured gifts in the form of a discount card that gives them big savings on shopping, eating out, entertainment, mobile phones and other things. Besides they also get a badge that's says that they invest for a just and responsible society.

IDDF also involves a direct sales network comprising of direct giving agencies (DGAs). Like DSAs or direct selling agencies for Banks, Telecom, Insurance, Financial companies, these DGAs employ direct sales and Tele sales professionals who call on the database generated through the Street face2face fundraising. The idea now is to convert all into long term donors. We successfully experimented last with Karm Mitra (Conduct a web search for more details) an innovative donor loyalty program through which we recruited over 100,000 new donors in less than 1 year. Karm Mitra was promoted directly at offices and donors were introduced to the cause through a film titled "The joy of giving". Most donors recruited through this direct giving program (A first in India and Asia) were donating for a social cause for the first time. Karm Mitra also had an element of Multi level Marketing (MLM) and became the benchmark that we are now employing for the entire NGO sector for fundraising. Karm Mitra was also a very successful cause related marketing case study used today in B-Schools within and outside India. We associated with Reliance InfoCom, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance and Mahindra Entertainment, Times Foundation, Heritage Holidays and through Karm Mitra all these companies generated big memberships and subscriptions for their products.

Under the IDDF pillar we are also introducing the first band movement titled RIGHT every Wrong with support from PLAYWIN, ZEE, STAR, SONY and the TIMES OF INDIA. We are also planning a huge fundraising drive with school children and a leading kid's channel with the aim of promoting social responsibility amongst children. We want to get children involved. In Europe or US it is a culture where Children make lemonade and sell it in their backyards to raise funds for their causes. We want to bring in a similar culture here and have 4 young ambassadors (who are great fundraisers) in the form of 4 children. Akhil from Hyderabad who raised 35,000 in 1 day at his school for the left out children of Hyderabad. Diwakar a blind prodigy who not only stands first in his class at Delhi Public School but also raises funds through stage shows (He is a talented singer and performs with the countrys' leading performers).

IDDF also involves joint ventures with WINGS to create an exclusive DSA franchise across the nation to raise funds from individuals. A JV with ISING (independent Social investments group) for corporate fundraising is in the pipeline and another JV with Iridium Interactive world class web consultants and strategists with offices in USA, UK and India for promoting online giving for all iCONGO members has been recently confirmed. The idea is to create various gateways to create interaction and support of iCONGO pre-screened and accredited charities for individuals who want to make a difference by reaching out and donating to the right charities for a cause dear to their heart.

Through all these direct dialogue engagements iCONGO shall promote the concept of GIVE LITTLE GAIN MOST (registered trademark) which in a nutshell means to promote the idea of how getting involved with social causes has derivative indirect benefits for everyone in society.

iCONGO Retail 4 change (IR4C)

Under this pillar we shall be setting up stores under the brand of CONGO SHONGO (Shops of NGOs). The CONGO SHONGO retail shops would be promoting products exclusively made for, from and by the sector like Greetings cards, Gifts, toys, fabrics, curios, handicrafts and other such items. We also plan to have strategic alliances with large chains like Big Bazaar, Café Coffee day, etc. where we place CONGO SHONGO corners or counters (shops in shops) to promote products from the sector. Where quality is a cause is our strap line and we would pay attention to the quality of all products we retail. We intend creating a nation-wide franchise of CONGO SHONGO, stores, corners and counters and are looking to develop a chain of 40- 50 stores in the next 3 years. We shall also be organising large trade expos and fun fairs in association with boutique restaurants and hotels to promote handicrafts and NGO merchandise.

iCONGO Media 4 change (IM4C)

Under this pillar we shall publish a monthly magazine called BACKPAGE featuring social issues in page 3 style to create avid readership about social issues and also incubate a fund to make movies and TV reality series on social issues like Child trafficking, Animal welfare, human rights. Various other cutting edge activities are in the pipeline. In the past we have promoted India's first movie on HIV Aids titled "Ek Alag Mausam" and the first music video "Khushii- The joy of giving" to highlight Children and Community rights. We are now working on a movie based on the life of a girl child sold in the brothels of Mumbai at the age of 9 and burnt alive at the age of 15. This story would highlight issues like Child trafficking and abuse, Sex work, HIV, woman rights and other issues related to poverty and chronic hunger. We believe that one person's sex worker is another person's mother and we want to sensitise the great Indian Middle class about dignity for the sex workers by understanding their issues and reaching out to them. We are also working on a series titled the Tribals of India and a reality show on human rights issues based on a book by Harsh Mander titled Unheard Voices.

Value Advantage and additional benefits to iCONGO members.

iCONGO would also work on additional value add-on exclusive for members by

  • Negotiating DAVP kind of rates with newspapers, magazines and other media. We have already created such alliances with various media groups who are giving us discounts up to 90%.
  • Negotiating special rates on office equipment like computers, mobile phones, etc.
  • Negotiating special rates with mobile service operators.
  • Creating a printing hub with rates that would be much more reasonable and competitive than any other printers.
  • Empanelling advertising agencies, design hot shops, event management companies, and PR agencies to work with members for very discounted fees or rate structures.
  • Associating with TV networks for free airtime for PSAs.
  • Creating Cause related marketing opportunities.
  • Associating with funding bodies and Corporates to route funds through members.
  • Associating with multiplex cinema chains for promoting the cause of iCONGO members.
  • Creating a panel of celebrity ambassadors to endorse members cause related campaigns
  • Creating special theatre opportunities with leading theatre groups for fundraising.
  • Special rates for web hosting, creation, design and maintenance of websites.

In a nutshell iCONGO is a hub that works with only NGOs that adhere to credibility, accountability and transparency norms. Positioned as the Indian Confederation of NGOs it works with NGOs that practice full accountability and feel responsible to promote credibility for the sector. iCONGO does not raise funds for itself but for grassroots NGOs that are partners of member organisations registered with iCONGO. These grassroots NGOs are working with absolute transparency and accountability with the communities and various issues like environment, animals etc. iCONGO works selflessly and does not retain any portion of funds raised for other NGOs. For example with the Lipton Bangalore International Marathon where over 20 million Rs. were raised for over 100 NGOs through Individuals and Corporates. iCONGO facilitated the process sans any fees or percentages on pledges that were raised. That is the space of iCONGO and was created to facilitate a credible, transparent and accountable process between the donors and their charity of choice. iCONGO may not work with some of the biggest charities if they do not adhere to the Credibility Alliance norms. iCONGO has member NGOs -national (mostly small grassroots organisations and community initiatives) and international NGOs- working with various communities, issues and causes. iCONGO was created to promote credibility within the sector and social investment (not just giving) with the great Indian middle class. iCONGO is positioned like a professional fund manager to ensure that people's social investment is utilised and managed with utmost responsibility and care. iCONGO is promoting social investment and sustainable giving with the great Indian middle class. iCONGO is also promoting the concept of being self sustained within the NGO sector by not just relying on grants and donations. iCONGO is planning various business models to promote social Entrepreneurship and skill based livelihood programs to make communities more self sufficient and empowered.

The Innovation, entrepreneurship and consultancy vision involves working with various member NGOs to promote innovative ideas to benefit the communities by creating opportunities for empowerment. The idea is also to promote cutting edge social entrepreneurship with strict adherence to driving profits in the non- profit sector to mainstream the products and services available amongst the communities, thus making them self efficient and self sustainable. iCONGO is also consulting with various NGOs for their fundraising and campaigning strategy and is also consulting on creating livelihood programs and opportunities in partnership with the NGO, Government and Corporate sector and has coined the whole idea of "PUBLIC PRIVATE PEOPLE PARTNERSHIP (PPPP)"

The iCONGO ONE ALLIANCE specialises in consulting and advising companies for their CSR strategy and for high visibility Cause Related & Social Marketing (CRSM) campaigns. iCONGO ONE has partnered with Carving Dreams (Celebrity Management & media Services), WINGS (360 degrees integrated marketing) and Iridium Interactive (Online Marketing) for various services included in CRSM. iCONGO has designed campaigns for Allianz insurance, DLF, Playwin, Airtel and various others. iCONGO was recently invited by Asoka to their Washington DC headquarters to discuss the idea of a TV reality show (with Asoka Founder Bill Drayton and others) to scout for talent who are potential social entrepreneurs. iCONGO is also planning a TV series based on the Book "Karmaveer Chakra"with Roli Books, Carving Dreams and War Wounded Foundation.