Karmaveer Puraskar

The "KARMAVEER PURASKAAR (KVP)" is the Global Awards for Social Justice and Citizen Action instituted by the people sector with various partner organisations, citizens at large and media supporters. The awards are a part of the RIGHT every WRONG movement

The awards are given every year on the 26th day of November, our National Social Justice and Citizen Action Day, the day we adopted our constitutional pledge as a REPUBLIC and Indian Citizens in 1949 he people sector instituted these awards based on a simple passion mantra- to recognize real life unsung heroes who believe 'It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness' and have walked that extra mile to "Be the change they want to see in this world". Our KARMAVEER awardees are dubbed by the people as NOBLE LAUREATES. Various of our past awardees have been featured in documentaries and articles on Discovery Channel, National Geographic, BBC, TIME and gone on to win global fellowships, awards and become ambassadors of international and UN organisations. To know more log on to www.karmaveer.com