Events & Campaigns

This link would give you information on events & campaigns organised by our various members and iCONGO. Between the members in the collective and by ourselves and the founders in the past we have organised various fundraisers ranging from movie premieres to theatricals, music concerts to fundraising dinners, celebrity cricket matches to online auctions, street plays to international acts, marathons to art auctions, international kite festivals to folk and cultural programs, fashion shows to community events. At iCONGO we have various acts lined up in all the above categories and more. Sometime in the near future we are looking at creating a franchise network of event agencies across India in small and big towns who would work with us exclusively to promote the cause and also in the process make profits for themselves.

iCONGO would facilitate the entertainment programs, celebrities and artistes for the events at very reasonable honorariums much lower that the market rates and the franchise would put the event together to raise funds for the cause in their respective cities. To become a iCONGO event franchisee write to