Founding Mission & Vision

iCONGO Mission/Vision 2015 – Citizen Action in synergy with the Millennium Development Goals, because we believe that the loft goals are possible only if each and every citizen participates to fulfill the goals.

Mission: To encourage social justice through citizen action by providing a common platform for people from all sectors to get involved with credible, transparent and accountable NGOs (as the NGO sector is the People & Citizen sector), to be the change by coming together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG

  • encourage social justice through citizen action: We at iCONGO firmly believe that WE THE PEOPLE ARE WE THE POWER in a democracy & republic (which literally means People Power & People’s Rule). We the people, as responsible and concerned citizens, can be the change and promote good governance and social justice. We need to take a stand and speak out against wrongs and lack of good governance & accountability, to ensure equity and basic rights for one and all.
  • coming together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG: We at iCONGO are convinced that each one of us has some cause dear to the heart, and want to do good as good humans and citizens to make a difference: be it with children, communities, animals, environment and so on. iCONGO endeavours to bring people together, as concerned citizens, to address the cause dear to their heart through their sector, the people sector i.e. the NGOs. Let us always remember that  “If there's something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action”. And if we do not take action then we are to blame for the things going wrong in our society.

Vision: A nation and world where every human is not just a good person but also a good citizen, ,who exercises her/ his rights with full responsibility to ensure good governance and social justice for all our fellow beings and communities, animals and the environment. We all as citizens have a responsibility for investing time, effort & involvement in creating an egalitarian, just, humane & responsible society.

  • good person but also a good citizen: It’s not about just giving a little money for a cause, but about practicing philanthropy for social justice; that is, making a social investment with time and involvement to understand social issues and advocating for the cause dear to our heart and coming together to build an egalitarian, just, caring and responsible society. We need to demand (and not just ask) for rights for the virtue of being a human being living in sovereign socialist democratic republic country, for accountability and transparency from Impotent Government, NGOs, Rogue Companies, Corrupt Judiciary, Irresponsible Media and from fellow human beings.
  • exercises her/ his rights with full responsibility: We need to be responsible to get rights for all in our society by practicing true democracy. We should ask for accountability and transparency consistently when we sense something wrong within the system, be it with government, schools, judiciary or any other sector. We need to question everything as that is our fundamental right & responsibility as a democratic citizen. We should know that citizen rights & responsibility are indivisible and we do not deserve our rights if we do not fulfill our responsibility.
  • egalitarian, just, humane & responsible society: It is not mindless & arrogant charity but involved & humble social justice that is wanting in this world. Today if each of us does not work towards creating a better society where there are equal rights and justice for all, then we are creating a situation for anarchy. So as citizens we need to know that doing something to improve society and create justice for all is not something we are doing for others but something we are doing for ourselves.  Remember, an unjust society creates crime and is a danger to each and all of us.