Global Delegation

iCONGO has been facilitating and leading global delegations of eminent world leaders and philanthropists to understand more about socio- political issues in India and also to help them choose the right NonProfits and Causes for their grant making.

In the past we have led delegations comprising of Global Philanthropists, Senior Aristocrats from amongst the PEERAGE in UK through the London Season, Senior Statesmen from the Clinton and Obama (Democrats) administration. We also facilitated a delegation for the visit of Mrs. Mary Pawlenty first lady of Minnesota and the life partner of Mr. Tim Pawlenty, Governor of Minnesota and most like Republican candidate for Presidential elections in 2012. We also hosted several delegations of NRIs and PIOs, who wanted to contribute to the social justice system of India.

We have also participated and represented the iCONGO collective at Leadersquest delegations in India.

Given below is some feedback from members in the delegations who are now friends, mentors and long term supporters for the iCONGO mission.

Hi Jerry,

It was great meeting you at USIBA delegation last week. Your profile has impressed me. I enjoyed your presence in the delegation, had good time discussing entertainment projects.

I will make a note to contact you in my next trips to Mumbai or Delhi.

On the movie project, it would be great if you can refer to investments into our entity. I have tentatively raised about 25Crores so far and still would require additional 75Cr to complete the fund and start execution. I am leaving for New York on May 27th for a month long trip for meeting investors. It would be great if you can help us connect interested parties on the project.

Talk to soon

Kamal Kuchana Alayga Infrastructures Pvt Ltd

Dear Jerry,

I was delighted and impressed with all the arrangements you made for Mary during her visit to India. Our success as an organization is dependent on good relationships with all of those interested and involved in caring for children. It is clear that your commitment and ability to produce outcomes is extraordinary and we appreciate the opportunity to work with you.

We look forward to exploring next steps in expanding our effort in India and welcome the chance to continue partnering with you.

With great thanks,

Elizabeth Perlich Sweeney, President, Children's HeartLink, Minneapolis, MN

Dear Jerry

Having just recently returned from India (and having to deal with the resulting jet lag), I write to thank you profusely for the wonderful job you did for Richard and me in setting up such excellent meetings, as well as accompanying and advising us throughout our visit. We made many excellent contacts which hopefully will result in investments in Oxantium in the near future. I especially appreciate your inviting me to join your wife and son at your Club -- I only wish we had had more time to spend together. When next you come to the States, I hope that you will let me know so I might extend my hospitality to you.

I presume that you were able to send the New York Times to the persons I indicated. If you still have the business cards that I attached to them, could you send them to me?

I presume that you were able to send the New York Times to the persons I indicated. If you still have the business cards that I attached to them, could you send them to me?

In particular, I need the following:

An e-mail address for Pritish Nandy;

An e-mail address for Arun Shourie;

An e-mail address for Sudheendra Kulkarni.

I am recommending to all my friends here that they read "The White Tiger" -- thanks for your kindness in giving copies of the book to Richard and me.

Once again, Jerry, thank you for all you did to make our visit to India such a success (I have told Sanjay Puri as well). Let's keep in touch.

Warmest regards.


Dear Jerry,

Thank you. Was very pleased to work with you. Good work. Till we meet again, my best wishes. (Sorry I failed to call you at 2am!)

Gregg L Hartley

Geetangeli and Jerry,

Many thanks for all your very hard work and time in putting together a very good program in India. We really did get an strong sense of what opportunities are out there for Cassidy & Associates, and where we need to concentrate future efforts. Particular thanks to Jerry, for his stamina on what was quite a grueling week on the road.

We will be in touch with follow-up questions as we pursue our relationships with the contact you provided for us. We look forward to participating in the USIBA programs, and will keep you posted on our India plans.

Very best to all and thanks again,

Ambassador Robin L. Raphel, Senior Vice President

My apologies for this long delay in contacting you about our trip. As soon as I got back, I went into "overdrive" on our Annual Conference which is May 3-6. Now that I am caught up and have a little breathing room, I can tell you a little about our experience and make an appointment to take you to lunch and give you the 15-minute DVD I made for the group's presentation at the Annual Conference. First let me say, that the assistance that Surabhi, Geetanjali, and you provided us raising sponsorships and making corporate contacts was invaluable. I believe that Chocko Valliappa of Vee Technologies and Arun Khetan of Educomp Solutions are two of India's best and brightest and it was a pleasure to be absorbed in their presentations and to be engaged in their informal discussions with us. I felt privileged that these two gentlemen would take time out of their incredibly busy schedules to meet with us. We learned so much about India's economy, educational system, and future from both Chocko and Arun.

I really want the next group of 20 superintendents to meet them and I will invite them for breakfast at the hotels, which seems to work out very well for us by reducing our seat time on the bus. I would love to go to Bangalore and see what Chocko is doing with his community education programs in the rural areas and the new university he is developing. I have so much to say and tell and I'm afraid this email won't do justice to everything. So, let me make a few general statements and save the rest for when we get together.

First, everything went like clockwork, because of the travel agency we used, Thomas Cook/ Travel Corporation India, whose representatives gave us the best attention I have experienced. I have made a good friend in Krishna whom you met last fall at the UVA seminar in which you presented. All of our hosts were extremely elated to see us and they treated us royally. I know that Indian hospitality is very special, but I believe it was taken to a new level, possibly because we were determined to get there after "26-11."

India has really changed and it is so much better than the India I visited 30 years ago. There is real energy and optimism everywhere. Everyone we met had purpose and drive, which was far different than the image I had before when most people seemed to be languishing and waiting for something to happen. Maybe it's because we had greater exposure to the private sector than the exposure to academia that I had during my Fulbright experience, but there is more of the private sector to be exposed to and you can't help but trip over it. There are entrepreneurs everywhere.

I don't want to sound trite, but going to Reliance Telecom was like going to Disney World, where you get a glimpse of the future, but you don't know if it's fantasy or reality and every other word that comes out of your mouth is "wow." I believe Reliance is leaping over the laptop and developing extremely inexpensive access to the Internet though its innovative mobile phone technology and it will change a lot of things we do in education. It's pretty incredible when I can't get a signal on my cell phone 20 miles from here and the Buddhist monks I saw in Ladakh are talking on theirs in the middle of the Himalayas.

I would love to go on, but you don't have the time to read what I would like to express, so I will look forward to when we can get together. Please email me and let me know when you are available for lunch after May 11. In the meantime, Krishna will be going to the VASS Annual Conference with me next weekend in Roanoke to talk to our second group of 20 superintendents who are going next fall and he's staying with me in Charlottesville for a couple days. He is interested in talking to you about your future AUSIB travel plans and how he might assist you in any way. If you are available on May 6 or 7, he would drive up to Herndon to talk to you. If you aren't available, would it be O.K for him to contact you?

Please give my regards to Geetanjali and Surabhi. By the way, I want to put in a good word for Jerry Almeida. He stayed at the Oberoi late just to greet us coming into Delhi and he met us the next day at the Delhi Public School. He didn't have to do that, but he wanted to make sure everything went O.K. After that, he called me a couple times to check on us. He's a delightful person, a lot of fun, and a credit to AUSIB. Please send him my regards and thank him again on my behalf.

My very best to you


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