Guiding Principles

"Since conception in 2003 iCONGO has bben working with strong principles and values of BEING THE CHANGE as outiled below. Over the past few years we have rejuvenated our guiding principles in consulatation with the citizens of India. Integrity as a good person and good citizen is what all our guiding principles and values are based upon and the same are as outlined in the sub links"


For NGOS: To be selfless and proactive facilitators and catalysts for creating efficient, innovative and unique concepts, approaches and infrastructure as a collective for engaging individual supporters for long term fund sustainability, thus reducing dependence on government, foreign, bilateral and corporate funding. To avail of iCONGO infrastructure like direct selling agencies, retail shops, discounted media rates, cause related marketing ideation, and connectivity all NGOs would adhere to the highest standards of transparency and accountability and ensure that administration costs does not exceed 20% of the funds raised. To do so we at iCONGO have RAISED THE BAR and are the first organisation in the world that does not raise funds for ourselves nor retains any percentage of funds we raise for charities from supporters (refer what we do for detailed charter)

For Individuals: To promote "Philanthropy for social justice" (Trademark registered), by offering pre- screened small and credible charities (NGOs and CBOS- Community based organisations-) who are implementing very efficient work at the grassroots level making a difference for the under served communities. The mantra is DON'T JUST GIVE because you are emotionally provoked. For example by just giving money because you are provoked by the face of a child you won't improve the child's life. iCONGO is promoting the idea of making SOCIAL INVESTMENTS with INVOLVEMENT and UNDERSTANDING of Social issues to bring in change. Imagine the difference you can make if you understand issues and want to lead the change. Its based on the philosophy that its BETTER TO LIGHT THE CANDLE THAN CURSE THE DARKNESS. In a nutshell this basically means that lets stop pointing fingers at Government, Corporates etc, feeling that they are not doing anything, while being apathetic ourselves without ever trying to see what We as GOOD CITIZENS can do to lead change and get accountability and transparency at all levels. The idea is to build people movements and work with government, corporate, media, SME, NGO , student and all sectors as finally it is only people who want to, who can lead the change.


To make Confederation of NGOs'- iCONGO- the COLLECTIVE TRUST SYMBOL AND HUB of the Social & Development sector in India to promote PHILANTHROPY FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE and SOCIAL INVESTMENT amongst the Indian middle class by offering them gateways and a bouquet of causes dear to their heart that they can get involved with and support through a approved charity that works on low costs of administration with professional and efficient operations and fund management for social welfare.


The creation of a just, humane and responsible society of individuals who come together as ONE to RIGHT every WRONG with involvement and understanding of social issues and go beyond just giving to practicing PHILANTHROPY FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE and SOCIAL INVESTMENT by ensuring highest standards of credibility, transparency and accountability from all sectors, thus creating a peoples movement for social justice for all..


iCONGO has adopted the highest standards of Ethics in all operations and negotiations, Integrity for being just and right, Credibility of all charities involved, Transparency in all operations, Accountability to ensure efficient fund management and community development with measurable impact, Solidarity for social causes, Involvement in being proactive to be the change, Courage of Conviction to take active stands and speak out against all social wrongs, Compassion for all the underserved children & communities, animals, environment and Cutting-edge Innovation to create citizen involvement as part of our core values, and has set standards of working selflessly without keeping any percentage of funds or raising funds for itself through contributions.

These are the values followed by all involved with iCONGO be it the ambassadors, volunteers, employees, NGOs and supporters. After 2 years of being founded iCONGO has committed people who believe in "I and WE CAN bring about CHANGE" and do not ask what can I or WE do? The philosophy of all iCONGOANS who work with a passion and commitment towards addressing social issues is based on just 3 words "I & WE CAN". People involved do not take this as a job or another career option but as a vocation and a mission where they set their own benchmarks and goals to BE AND LEAD THE CHANGE. iCONGOANS have the freedom and enjoy decision making power. Within iCONGO we have strived to avoid any hierarchy and iCONGO is led by all the people involved with absolute responsibility and authority. iCONGOANS know what has to be done to achieve results and maximum impact that benefits the causes we work for and all people involved have taken this not just as an organizational mission but their own personal mission as we all believe that we need to be the change that we want to see in the world because I can make a change, we can make a change and together as ONE we can Right every Wrong. Most iCONGOANS work for very little or no moneys as retainers and therefore have one underlined job title as JUST ANOTHER VOLUNTEER & EFFICIENT FUND MONITORS to ensure maximum impact for supporters funds and community welfare.

In a nutshell the idea is to bridge the gap between the great Indian middle class that wants to support charitable causes dear to their heart but do not know which charitable organisations to trust due to high administration cost and other issues of credibility. Indian Citizens want to contribute as they know that money is required for the noble work on the ground and are ready to contribute if systems are efficient, transparent and accountable.