Founder Members

NGOs who have been with us since inception and have been pivotal in building the iCONGO mission. Founder members pay Rs. 500,000 as a onetime corpus fee plus, Rs. 25,000 every year for supporting operating expenses for the secretariat and promotion of the collective. In case a founder member is unable to pay Rs. 5,00,000 due to financial constraints, they shall have to pay an annual fee of 5 years in advance

The leading edge for FOUNDER MEMBERS

These are members who were/ are proactive in forming, encouraging and promoting the collective values, mission and vision of iCONGO and shall also work closely with iCONGO for enhancing the collective campaign and outreach charter. They work selflessly to consolidate and build the collective charter and infrastructure by going beyond the benefits of just their own organisation. The founder members would not just be members who have invested funds, but could also be NGOs that do not have funds to invest (and we have mostly such founder members, as the basic premise is that they adhere to basic norms of accountability and transparency to reclaim and preserve the public trust in the people sector through The Omega rating for NGOs). Founder members should also believe in the collective working culture that creates a philanthropy ecosystem for the sector, and not just focus on unilateral operations that just benefit their own organisation and may harm thesector in the long term. Founder members shall adopt a proactive approach to building the collective with involvement. This is the main criteria for Founder Memberships and not the fees, albeit moneys are also required for taking care of basic overheads. We therefore have the STAR VALUE PLUS advantages as add ons for Founder Members exclusively. All members can avail of the benefits and leverage better support for their organisation with proactive participation and involvement from one of the NGO's team members, who would coordinate with iCONGO on a regular basis.

Below mentioned are iCONGO Founder Members

  • Dhoon
  • IPAN
  • MKJG