Core Values

Bharatiyata means non pseudo nationalistic and patriotic Indianness, where we inherently believe in being good citizens to promote true democracy by practicing the people’s rule to promote good governance and best practices of a people’s government , and also by being secular as India belongs to all its citizens......Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Buddhists Sikhs, Jews, Parsis and Bharatiyata is the essence of this multi cultural diverse but ONE united biraadiri (community)... “I CAN INDEPENDENTLY BE THE CHANGE FOR THE LARGER COMMON GOOD AND CAUSE” is our attitude in sync with Gandhiji’s and Bhagat Singh’s teachings to work selflessly for all our people, make an effect and thus uphold the holistic principles of our constitutional pledge we took as free and independent Indian citizens on 26th November, 1949. Making a difference and reaching out to help others is an Indian tradition from the Vedic times and Indians are the original socialist thinkers of the world for creating collective resources.

Shaurya: To be a Karmaveer and have the Courage of conviction that enables us to face any WRONG, difficulty, danger or pain in a way that allows us to maintain control over the situation and have the inner strength to take stands and speak out without being apathetic, no matter who or what we are up against. It takes courage to be and make RIGHT and blow the whistle on things that are WRONG within a country, a sector, community, organization, society or an institution. We will be steadfast with our stand to speak out and be a voice against the wrong, even if unheard, and despite all adversity, ridicule and personal loss.

Akhandata: To have absolute Honesty and Integrity to hold to our code of values and speak truthfully and treat everyone fairly without any prejudice is Honesty and Integrity. Honesty is the basis of trust. Trust is the basis of relationships, whether they are personal or professional. Not to forget, many of us grew up with the motto, “Honesty is the Best Policy.” We, as concerned citizens, shall cooperate as one team and a voluntary people movement called India to loyally and proudly address social causes and LEAD THE CHANGE with patient determination, self respect and commitment to make a difference with good humour, self reliance, fairness and helpfulness in an unbiased manner on a daily basis

Swabhimaan: To have self respect through ones actions and our deeds and by having mutual respect & Dignity for one and every fellow being, animals and our overall environment, respect and dignity is of utmost importance. Our respect for individuals, animals and the environment can have a profound effect on us to develop our own values and self respect. To respect all with equity is the first step towards respecting oneself. The people we admire often serve as a model for how we share our lives for service towards others. There can be different kinds of respect – acceptance, regard, admiration, appreciation, honour. We, as concerned and responsible citizens, shall have the self respect for being the change and thus believe in and encourage equity and justice for one and all. We shall unambiguously speak out without being apathetic towards socio- political issues to RIGHT every WRONG with self respect, righteousness, compassion, empathy, humaneness, solidarity, proactive involvement and responsibility, thus owning up our fundamental rights.

Upaaykushalta: To be resourceful, self reliant and think out of the box by being creative to find solutions, rather than succumb to any problem under the sun or give up. Our credo is to never give up no matter what, as once we make up our mind to do the right thing we will stick to that and be relentless till we find a way and a solution to overcome and we are determined to try and overcome.

Paardarshita: And the best for the last is to be absolutely transparent and accountable with everything we do for building citizen action for social justice. We would strive to be frugal, prudent and efficient with absolute responsibility for expenditure and fund management, as we recognize the fact that we are mere custodians and managers of the resources that have been given by people with the ability and desire to do good and be the change by addressing issues of people with needs that deserve attention and support.

The Karmaveer value of Philanthropy for Social Justice, with involvement, and not just giving but a JUST social investment: The best for the last for all us citizens to think about. Our actions shall govern the good we want to do. We shall sensitise and inform people not to just indulge in chequebook philanthropy because we get emotionally provoked by a child’s face and thus want to help by giving some money: That’s like giving a child begging on the street a rupee with little thought to what the child’s real problems are. Thus giving money to a child’s face you see in a magazine and a child begging on the street is similar, its thoughtless and uninvolved charity. Would we ever buy shares or mutual funds without understanding all the risk factors and market trends, or would we put our child in just any school without due diligence or would we even buy spectacles without getting our eyes properly tested? So if we can check on everything where we invest why don’t we check on our social investment? STOP! STOP! STOP! Let’s stop this as we are really not helping here but we are making things worse. Don’t just give. Get involved, understand the issue and INVEST JUSTLY with time, commitment, involvement and love. Can we give our own child the security if we just give money at home for her/ his upbringing? NO. We need to be involved, give some time, love and nurturing. Let us understand that. We may sponsor and support a child with some money for one, two, five or even ten years but look into it, ask for accountability, measure the impact, ask the charity and government how the child is developing to be independent and empowered in the future.. WHY? Well in the past the children who have been used to get donations and funds are today still without an opportunity in life. Because we just gave and never monitored it. The child we once supported is today over 18 years and now a rag picker and a drug user because the same charity that used his face to raise funds has no use for her/him today. The government is not responsible for her/ him today as they are no longer children. So what have we done? Given money for some time, felt good that we made a difference in a child’s life? No, not at all. We only made it worse for her or him, as we never ever bothered to check on what’s happening with that child. Would we do that with our own child? Think. Understand. Get involved. Be an active advocate. There is enough and more money and aid coming into India. Money is incidental. What is needed is the involvement, as otherwise we are not really helping anyone to become empowered and independent.