Founding Objectives

At iCONGO we want to address all of the above and thus positioned ourselves uniquely from the very beginning where we never raise funds for ourselves or retain any percentage of funds or resources we mobilize for member NGOs. NGOs have to go through a due diligence process to be accepted as members and have to adhere to The OMEGA RATING transparency and accountability charter thus reclaiming and preserving public trust for the people sector.

  • Our basic objective is to promote social justice through citizen action by creating a community and tribe of concerned, humane, caring and responsible citizens from all sectors who get TOGETHER AS ONE TO RIGHT EVERY WRONG.
  • We endeavour to use big ticket ground & media forums and mainstream media formats to sensitise, engage and involve people for social justice, through citizen action.
  • iCONGO shall work selflessly to create an ecosystem by creating a Total Resource Development infrastructure to promote ethical fundraising in sync with our beliefs and to promote philanthropy for social justice and sustainable social investment where people dont JUST GIVE but get involved as partners in change with a cause dear to their hearts, through a pre- screened NGO member because it is not charity but justice that is wanting in the world.
  • iCONGO shall develop philanthropic gateways for citizens to get engaged with transparent and accountable NGOs.
  • iCONGO shall promote a hallmark of trust to mainstream smaller, lesser known NGOs, who are actually doing huge work on the ground and at grassroots levels.
  • iCONGO endeavours to build citizen action by sensitising people to ask for transparency and accountability from all quarters and responsibly practice all our fundamental rights.