Members, Patrons & NGOs Speaks

Over the past few years various member NGOs have benefited with our facilitation of human & financial capital from various individuals & organisations.. During the past 5 years membership has been closed and several NGOs have applied for membership. From 2011 for a limited period, we have opened membership and created a general member category. We shall accept a few transparent, accountable and credible causes/ NGOs as general members and monitor their progress and impact before upgrading/ confirming them as charter members. Given below are some thank you notes from old members after receiving support with our facilitation, some mails from organisations and individuals asking advice about whom to channel their support to and some mails from various NGOs who have been seeking membership.

Dear Sir,

Greetings from BISWA and wish you a very very happy new year 2009.

We are interested to be a member of iCONGO. Kindly advise.

With sincere regards

K.C.Malick, Chairman, Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency(BISWA)

Your organization has been nominated to submit a proposal for the HP 2008 Education Program Grant initiative.

It is our pleasure to invite you, to submit a proposal for this Grant initiative. This opportunity is being distributed to not for profit organizations by invitation only.

You will need to submit a brief proposal to be considered for a grant. Please review the attached Document, the Request for Proposal for the grant.

Proposals must be submitted on mail by Wednesday, January 16, 2008.

We sincerely hope that your organization will favorably consider the invitation and will decide to respond to this grant opportunity. If you have any questions pl do not hesitate to contact me regarding the same. 

Also please reply to this mail to confirm the receipt of the Grant RFP.


Nishita Hanspal, Corporate Marketing Specialist, Hewlett-Packard, India.

Letter of recommendation
Public Health Foundation of India.

Dear Jerry ji,

Namaskar. I had attended your 2 day workshop at Karuna Vihar, Dehradun. I was particularly inspired by your innovative ideas and courage in fund-raising. I had picked up the idea of friend-raising there and have been successful so far.

I have worked over 12 years in an NGO called SIDH and now I want to start my own school with some of my colleagues. I also want to work with youth of the local area. I have done all this in the past as a part of SIDH but now I have to do it without that backing of SIDH.

I have written a concept note on the kind of school I want to start. I am attaching it for you. I want to have some ideas from you on how to raise funds from individuals in the local community as well as from outside. I am also going to start an Eco & Cultural Tourism programme to support the school longterm. This could be one give and take for getting support from individuals.

Hope to hear from you…

Jitendra Sharma, SIDH, Bodhigram, Kempty (Via Mussoorie), Tehri Garhwal, Uttaranchal, India.

Hello sir,

Its great pleasure to meet you.

Iam one of the co founders of CISSA, a non –profit organization based in Trivandrum, kerala, India.

Every year we conduct,

1. renewable energy exhibition (in the south of India )to showcase and promote the latest in solar, biomass, wind  and other clean energy solutions  along with local govt support.

2. Exhibition on slow foods (healthy food) (next is in 2010,Feb)

We are interested and would like to explore, how we can work together in projects related to healthy food(slow food),  agriculture, renewable energy and environment.

To know more about CISSA and our activities, please do visit

Looking forward to hear from you….

Thanks and regards

Rajesh Pillai

Respected Sir,

Good Afternoon and we saw your details in your web-site. Ours is a Research,Development and Charitable Organization in Andhrapradesh providing services in the field of Education, Health and Housing, Water and sanitation, Environment, Rural energy, Animal welfare, Human Rights, Media & Radio Projects, Disaster mangement, Emergency relief Works, Shelter, Orphan Homes, Old Age Homes,Creches, Livelihoods, SHG's,Research and Development, Community Development, Community Health Centers,Microfinance, Agriculture, Watersheds,HIV/AIDS,Childrens related Issues, Cancer, e.t.c. We are very much interested  to join as a partner   from ANDHRPARDESH .We are attaching  our organization profile also for your perusal .Please kindly give the opportunity to work with your esteemed organization as a partner or member as a NGO in any of the field. If, you need any more information please kindly give me reply to my e.mail and provide me the terms and conditions for Joining as a partner.It is my request.

Thanking you,

P. Kennady,President & CEO, RRHEDS.


We are Agra based NGO, working for the deprived children development.
we are running an educational campaign in the slums.
We came to know about iCONGO and its activities.
We are willing to become member in this organizatiion.
Our NGO has accridiated with Credibility Alliance, Mumbai.

So please let us inform how we can become member of your prestigious organisation.

with Regards

Punit Asthana,Indian Dreams Foundation.

Dear Mr. Jerry,

Greetings from SOS Children's Villages of India!.

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the global family of SOS Children's Villages of India.

SOS Children's Village of India is a non-government, non-profit, voluntary childcare organization established in 1964, involved in reaching out to more and more abandoned orphaned, helpless and socio-economically vulnerable children to improve the quality of their lives. It is a member of the worldwide SOS family working in 132 countries with SOS-Kinderdorf International as the umbrella organization.

Through 39 Children's Villages and 122 allied projects like Kindergartens, Medical/Social centers, Hermann Gmeiner Schools, Youth Houses and Vocational Training Centers, spread across the country, we provide childcare services to over 2,00,000 children in need. Through our outreach initiative, we provide literacy and nutrition to children living in families below the poverty line.

Every SOS Children's Village comprises of 14 to 20 family homes, each family unit consisting of 10 to 12 children, who share their lives as brothers and sisters and grow together, under the care of their SOS Mother. An efficient team of co-workers supports the mother. The children keep in close contact with their neighborhoods, attend regular schools & colleges, and are also being provided vocational support and guidance to bring them into mainstream society.

At SOS Children's Villages, we believe that the love of a caring mother, an upbringing in a natural family environment and a permanent home, can help children grow up as independent secure and contributing members of society.

SOS Children's Villages of India has also responded with major relief and rehabilitation work during times of major natural disasters and calamities that have befallen our country.

Let us know the activities of your organization. What type of help do you provide to organizations like us? Can you provide us help in collecting funds, if so what are the details that you need?

All donations to us are 100% tax exempt.


Chitra Sriram

Subject: -Seeking Assistance/help from Your Organization

Respected Sir/Madam

Greetings from Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF) Baramulla (J&K)

May we invite your gracious attention towards the following that our Foundation, Kashmir Humanity Foundation (KHF) which is a state based and is a registered one has done a commendable job during the last FOUR (4) years, which is appreciated by the administration of Jammu & Kashmir Government and other dignitaries from Government of India see at

Sir we are providing computer training, cutting & tailoring trade, embroidery Training, Primary education, and other awareness trainings etc in District Baramulla, please help us for this noble cause

Sir you can help us by sponsoring computers, sewing machines, salary of a teacher, Room Rent, Electricity fee, etc we are running courses of 6months and 12months duration.

Sir I want if you’re self will visit us, I want show you all the work and projects we are doing.
Sir we do not have any funding agency nor have a FCRA, Ours is a total dependent Organization
We hope you kind self will help our organization as you can for the noble cause and mission

Hoping for an reply thanking you sir/madam 

With regards,
yours in the service of Humanity

Siraj ud din Salam , MBA,MSW, President,Kashmir Humanity Foundation(KHF).

Jerry, I recommend both of these:

Roshan Vikas works in Hyderabad amongst the poorer sections of the Muslim community. The emphasis is on promoting self-help savings groups especially of women to promote small-scale entrepreneurship – currently 18,000 involved. Roshan Vikas also has an education support programme currently assisting 3,000 children, through an interesting family loans scheme.
Contact: Ali Asghar 
mobile: 093955-55504  

Ashraya works with Jogini women, who are Dalits. (Jogini’s are a particular community of women who have traditionally been sexually abused by temple priests. The practice still continues though a number of organisations are working to prevent continuation and assist girls and women who have been involved.)  Ashraya runs a hostel for 35 children in Hyderabad; and has an extensive rural programme in nine districts working with 20,000 Dalit women, some of this work is in Hyderabad.
Contact:  Grace 
mobile: 98493-56266  

Would be interested to hear what happens.  Both key persons have been informed that you might be in touch.

Murray, MCC – Murray Culshaw Consulting

Dear Mr. Jeroninio Almeida,

I thank you for your message below. We are seeking fund raising. Our strategic plan envisages a need for USD 2 million but we welcome any amount big or small. If you agree, we will forward the strategic plan for review, please.

Thanking you.

From: Dr. Harjinder Walia.
Copy to: Mr. HS Jonjua.

Reader & Former chairman Dept of journalism & mass communication,
Punjabi university, Patiala.
Editor: Sanchar, President : All India Media Teacher's association

Dr. Harjinder Walia,Chairman: Global Punjab Foundation (regd)

Dear sir,

This mail I write to you with reference from Mr. John P Fernandes general secretary Nagpur YMCA. He told me to contact you sir, for some programme support and to become a part of your network. Below I give some details about CST for your kind information. Please try to help CST with your programmes.

Thank you and regards

G.George, CST.

Dear Jerry,

The BALM team has discussed the two courses that we have been talking about.

We found the fundraising course very useful and interesting. But unfortunately, due to time constraints we will not be able to organise it this year. I am really sorry, because the course seems really good, but we have too many seminars planned already this year to be able to organise this one as well with the dedication and time that it requires to make it a success. I hope you will be able to find another partner in Chennai to organise this course.
And thank you for thinking of us!

With regards to the Social Entrepreneurship seminar, we are still very much interested, and we are planning to organise it in August, probably on the 21st and 22nd of August. But these are of course tentative dates.

What we would like to achieve with the SE seminar is to disseminate skills to people who either already run an NGO and want to improve their entrepreneurial skills, or for people who would like to set up an NGO

We are most interested in a practical oriented workshop, as opposed to a classroom workshop.

We thought of a workshop that focusses on leadership skills, leading a team, strategising for the future, time management, networking etc, especially focussed on the development / social sector.

Would these be themes that iCongo could contribute to ?

We are of course also open to any ideas which you feel need to be addressed in a workshop on Social Entrepreneurship.

I hope to hear from you,
Kind regards,

Mirjam DijkxhoornResearch Associate, The Banyan Academy of Leadership in Mental Health (BALM)

Dear jerry,

Thank you so much for the reply.

I met you in Hyderabad some time in 2004.  But I always had some thought process of what you shared. We are planning to reschedule our programme and is it possible for you to deliver keynote address and there after to share your experience with students.

I would like to be clear in stating my position.  This seminar is  partially sponsored by UGC. Therefore we have only limited resource. I am also aware how important for our students to listen to your fiery, motivating experiencial sharing.

Is it possible for you to come for our programme

Warm regards

sr. lourthumary

Dear Mr. Jerry Almeida,

Thanks for the invitation to attend the Bangalore iCongo session.

I loved listening to the thought-provoking presentations by all the eminent resource persons.

The reflections and comments too were rich and deep.
You are indeed doing a wonderful job in our nation-building enterprise.
May you be blessed in your efforts to sensitize, conscientize and humanize fellow humans.
Let me wish you and your team a fine time on our Republic Day.

Kind regards.

Dr. Cajetan Coelho

Dear Jerry,

Hope you are doing well. You must be already aware that Akshaya Patra has set up a communications and fundraising team with offices in Bangalore, Delhi and Ahemdabad. My team has been actively communicating to and seeking support from corporates, individuals and trusts and foundations.

I get regular updates from you about your organsiation’s work and feel that a partnership between ICongo and Akshaya Patra should be explored now. I appreciate the innovative approach that your team takes to support NGOs and would like to become a part of the entire initiative.

Could you please let me know the membership process ?

Look forward to your reply.


Dear Sir,

Kindly send us a membership form by e-mail

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully,

Hope to hear from you…

Bindu,People's Institute for Development and Training, "PEOPLE'S HOUSE"

Hi Jerry,

Our India fundraising project is finally underway and it is now my task to research and write fundraising strategy and test plans by end of March next year.

I have been given 1 million rupees to do a national opinion survey, the results which will, in part, inform our strategy and plans. I contacted the following companies: Synovate, ACNeilsen, IMRB, TNS, Gallup and Ugam Solutions. Only TNS got back to me with a proposal. I don't really understand why the others didn't. Someone from our office in India suggested that big commercial market researchers in India would not want to work with Amnesty International because of what we represent. I found this comment a bit puzzling. I'd be interested to know what you think of this.

I haven't forgotten about ICONGO, I'm not sure how your work fits in with my work but I'll be looking into this more over the coming months. I'll probably be in Delhi at some point so perhaps we can discuss then.

I'd appreciate your thoughts about the market researchers.


Dear Jerry,

Greetings  from  Hemophilia Federation (India).

HFI is organizing an event on 18thJanuary,2010 between 6pm at PHD CCI in which the Chairman ONGC  will hand over a cheque of Rs.33 Lacs. for bearing the educational  expenses  of 1000 Children with Hemophilia (CWH) for one year. In all probability the function will be presided over by an union cabinet  minister  or the secy.ministry of health and family welfare.

There will be 50 beneficiary children and other invitees including iCONGO.I seek your support to make the event a great success.

Warm regards